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3ST/5ST/7ST Series Energy Saving pumps

Product Name: 3ST / 5ST /7ST Energy saving higt pressure pumps
Performace Ratings
Capacity(m3/h): 0.33~1200
Discharge Pressure(Mpa): 6.3~50 / 913.7~7251.9 (psi)
Power Rating(kW): 3~1800


With application of the technology of isochronous isolation, there’s no need for the use of auxiliary equipment to boost pressure required for cleansing the seal. The loss of power due to friction between the plunger and stuffing during the reciprocating travel is thus avoided by this new technology. The effect of lubrication of the sealing medium is thus fully realized resulting in prolonged life of the pump and durability of wearable parts.

Applications – It is mainly used in oil, chemical industry and chemical fertilizer industry. As a process pump, oil field and salt mine as a water injection pump, steel pipe and pressure vessel as high pressure cleaning and cleaning of boiler, booster pump, construction, shipbuilding and chemical industry, Hydraulic machinery transmission source, as well as food, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and other high-pressure fluid and process requirements of high pulse areas, etc.

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